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I was born and raised in woods of NH. Growing up in NH, I had the opportunity to live close to the land and gain a strong common sense through four seasons, brutal winters and a traditional way of doing things. I started working at the age of 8 delivering news papers. Early dark cold mornings with deep snow where never an excuse not to deliver. I mowed lawns, was top bleacher sales at NH International Speedway, Local carwash service tech, Managed large urban farm stand, snow removal, dietary aid at Merrimack County Nursing Home and sauce cook and waiter at Olive Garden. All of this before age of 18.
Upon graduating I decided to spread my wings and move to AZ on a very cool and almost whimsical decision. That decision 20 years was the 2nd best decision of my life. It was second to marrying my wife.. of course. Upon moving to AZ and not having any College education I started entry level with G.E in a call center as a phone rep. With in 18 months I had become a manager of the repossession department’s 10 agents and 20 in bound collection agents.
I had hit my ceiling in this industry with out a college degree. I had decisions as I love personal growth and things felt very stagnant. I have always been intrigued and almost drawn to real estate for many reasons. I loved the thrill of negotiations and felt very passionate about design and architecture. So at 21 years old I decided to get my real estate license and did so.
I was fortunate to experience Arizona’s historic highs and then historic crash between 2004-2008. This was a true test in life and the best lesson from direct experience anyone can have in real estate. During the great crash I started a company offering bidding service at the county Foreclosure auctions. We then evolved into a full service rehabilitation company. At this point I knew we needed a Team to handle all the real estate related sales and marketing for these projects. In 2009 Team Evolution was formed. It was not until 2012 I met my then prospective business partner but my Now wife and “ boss” lol. We then shortened the name from Team Evolution Real Estate to Team EVOAZ. Since EVOAZ’s inception we have consistently sold $20m+ a year in Real estate been involved in 100s of real estate projects. Currently we are moving into new markets with one goal. To help people and promote growth. Something I have been doing since 8 years old. We love helping people by providing the best service and leadership possible. I look forward to the rest of my life in Real Estate. I can only dream that maybe one day my Son will want to get involved. At 5 he is already one hell of a negotiator

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Address: 6991 E. Camelback Road, Suite D-300
Scottsdale, AZ 85044
Cell: 602-430-0834
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